6 Inspect Element Tips You Can Use While Designing WordPress Websites

6 Inspect Element Tips You Can Use While Designing WordPress Websites
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What is the inspect element?

Having complete control over your website and the tools available to design it, without having to close browsers, is not only powerful, but also extremely convenient. Google Chrome gives users this option just right under Google Developer Tools, “Inspect Element.”

For WordPress website owners who do not have the technical skills to code or tweak CSS, Inspect Elements is an ideal tool to find the design perfect for your website in little time, money and effort. You can change colors, font, alignment of texts and do more while processing. You can even use it while you are working on your website.

How does Inspect Elements work?

1. Everything on the website can be edited including texts, images and buttons. Anything you wish to change or manipulate, you must go over and right click to select.

2. Choose “inspect” option.

3. When editing an image, select the image, right click and choose “inspect.”

4. When editing texts, select the exact text you wish to change, right click and choose “inspect.”

5. For control buttons, select the button, right click and choose “inspect.”

You can instantly manipulate any element you have selected and change its appearance according to your liking. If you are developing your site, Inspect Element will allow you to manipulate your site and see its result immediately without going through the more complicated WordPress customizer. This will decrease the time and the few clicks you will need to execute.

These are the suggestions you can use to maximize Inspect Element usage.

1. Changing any text or block of text anywhere on your site.

Shortening a lengthy text or changing the font of any text anywhere on your site needs not
to be complicated. You can change it anyway you want it of just by checking how a certain change would feel or fit in the web site.

· Select the text you wish to edit and right click. Choose “inspect” and all related codes would be highlighted.

· Select and click on the highlighted code and select “Edit Text.”

  • . Type the new text and press enter.

· You will immediately see the difference in real time. You can experiment on different changes until you have chosen the perfect one.

2. Changing the web theme color of your website.

Choosing the right color of your website proves crucial if you want to succeed or drive more traffic to your site. Test other several options for colors to see what looks and feels right for you.

· Select the element you want to change, right click and choose “Inspect.” And then a Developer Tools Window will open.

· Look for the Styles part of the CSS section and choose the code for color

· You can simply choose from the color selector your desired color, if you cannot read the code

3. Change the size of your images

When you aren’t sure about the size of your images and want to check how different sizes work around your website spaces, you can utilize Inspect Element instead of using WordPress tools that you won’t immediately see in real time and you have to go back and forth trying to figure out the perfect sizes of your images. Now here’s how you should do it on Inspect Element.

· Select the image then right click and choose “Inspect.”

· Go to the box that displays the dimensions of the image you want to resize.

· Change the width or height of your images in the box.

· Check out the new size. You can keep experimenting until the image size is right.

4. Changing or deleting images.

If you think resizing the images is not to your liking, you can always replace the image into a more appropriate one.

· Select the image you want to remove and right click. Choose “Inspect.”

· When the Developer Tools window is open, you can choose the highlighted image link and paste the new one.

· If you are just deleting the image, just select “Delete element.”

5. Changing Link States

Links in websites are pretty common and they usually vary in color depending on the activity or what we refer to as link states.

The four options of link states design

  • . A simple link – A link that was not clicked

· An active link – A link that has been clicked on the precise moment.

· Visited link – a link that was clicked on and visited

· Hover link – What the link looks like when you hover a mouse on top of it.

You will surely encounter this when designing your WordPress website and it is best to check on the different link states design to check how they work. If links are already present in your website, all you have to do is edit it using Inspect Element following the usual procedure.

· Select the link you wish to change and right click. Choose “Inspect.”

· Inside the Developer Tools window, hover your mouse over “Toggle Element State” choice and click on it.

· There will be checkmark beside to the state you wish to imitate; all you have to do is click on it. You will see how it looks in real time.

6. Changing the text alignment.

Text alignment is also present in your WordPress website like when you use Microsoft Word and the same options for center, right, and left are applicable. If you wish to change the alignment or try to move things around, Inspect Element is probably the easiest way to go about it.

· Select the text you wish to align in a different way and right click. Choose “Inspect.”

· Scroll through the “Styles” section to search for the “text-align” function.

· Double-click the current alignment and change it into a new one. You will automatically see the changes.

You do not need to master the coding when you are designing a website. Inspect Element is a very simple yet powerful tool that can help you achieve the design you want for your website.

All you have to do is identify the elements you want to change in your website and it will only take a few steps to change them. You can experiment all you want and try other potential designs until you find the perfect one that suits your needs.

When using Inspect Elements, you can work better and more efficiently, especially if you know how to work at it the right way. This guide will help you improve on your Inspect Element skills and allow you to design your site in whichever way you like. Just make sure that you follow all the steps outlined above.

About the author: Samantha Brannon is an entrepreneur and freelancer. She is also a co-founder and writing editor at Trust Essays writing service. Samantha loves self-education and rock music. Connect with her via Twitter

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