How to send one email to multiple recipients without showing mail addresses?

How to send one email to multiple recipients without showing mail addresses?
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Today we are discussing that “how to send one email to multiple recipients without showing mail addresses”, so that you will get to know about it.

This feature is mostly used by internet marketers and big companies. Sending email to multiple recipients is one of the best ways of communication. For the reasons of business, you need to communicate with the customer, to keep them in the loop of things. Nevertheless, there are some privacy issues and it is therefore preferred to hide the email addresses of those while sending the email to multiple recipients.

Using this feature we can send email to multiple recipients at once but no one able to see any email addresses.

I will show you here step by step for sending email using this feature. This is very simple.

How to hide recipients in Gmail?

Gmail is one of the most popular mailing platforms and used by most of internet users. If you want to send an email to multiple recipients at once in Gmail without disclosing the recipients then you have to follow these basic steps: –

  1. Login to your Gmail account
  2. click on Compose
  3. Click on Add Bcc or you can type shortcut Ctrl+Shift+B to add the intended email addresses
  4. Type in all the Email address in Bcc that you want to hide
  5. Give a subject and type in the subject matter in the body
  6. After writing complete matter, click on send.


Why We Prefer Gmail?

When it comes to sending many emails to undisclosed recipients, there are many positive reasons of using Gmail includes below…

  • No one on your mailing list will know to whom you have sent the emails
  • It is practical and less time consuming
  • The emails are safe and secure
  • Easy and simple to operate


You may find issues while sending emails to a large number of recipients. However, You can resolve any of your Gmail account related issues with the help of Gmail Customer Care. You can also use Gmail help section for find a better solution for your problem.

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