Whatsapp New features Unplugged

Whatsapp New features Unplugged
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In this post, we are discussing about whatsapp new features.

WhatsApp is nothing but the social messaging service or app for mobile phones that permits you to send out messages, images, video and audio clips to communicate with those people who are in your phone’s contact list. Not to mention all these amazing features are totally free. When we are using any application throughout the day, there is every possibility that we can overlook many important features that are added regularly. Remember these WhatsApp new features make our life even more easy. Whenever any such WhatsApp new features is added, we are notified for updating our app. Moreover, as a routine task we must update WhatsApp or any other apps. However, most of us are not aware of new features that are added by this update. WhatsApp new features exist in your phone but unless you know them, you will not be able to make use of them.

Here is the list of some outstanding Whatsapp new features

Mark your messages to read them later on

When anyone sends you some valuable information on WhatsApp, you cannot save that info. Finding it later can be painful, regardless of the robust search engine of WhatsApp. One of the workarounds would be to use tags to mark important information. Now you can mark your messages and read them later

Limit for sharing media file increased

WhatsApp has become main platform for sharing media file after any personal event, gatherings, or meetings where you have clicked many photos or videos. So understanding today’s need this media-sharing limit has been increased.

Backup your Chats to your Google Drive

If you accidentally delete your WhatsApp chats, you can now recover it in no time. But what if you have lost your telephone, or got the new one, or had to reset or format your storage space? Whilst WhatsApp backs up chat regularly, you can also back it up on your Google drive to make it even more secure.

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Two-step authorization feature

This particular WhatsApp new features provides more safety by asking password whilst verifying or resetting your account. Its goal is to avoid unauthorised access by any other person by asking secret code or password.

Mark your Messages as Read / Unread

You can now keep your WhatsApp status secret including last seen time, which is really great. But for some personal reason, some time you may like to mark your message as unread.

New video-conferencing feature

WhatsApp introduced video chat feature on Android cell phones. The most significant change is the button for voice and video calls. Previously, we were required to press call button first and then make the choice between speech and video phone calls.

Use Customized Notifications for People and Organizations

Some contacts and talk groups are definitely more important as opposed to others; I hope you agree with me. If that is the case then set an alternative notification alert for each of them. WhatsApp has now enabled us to set customized notifications.

Use these amazing Whatsapp new features and make your life easy.

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