5 Questions to Ask Before Hire App Developer

5 Questions to Ask Before Hire App Developer
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If you are going to hire app developer to make an application for you then here are the top 5 queries you can ask to mobile app developers before hiring them to develop application for you.


  1. Core services in mobile app development

There are multiple platforms including the popular ones Android and iOS, aside from which there is Windows Phone and BlackBerry, and cross-platform options to be considered. Most mobile app development services companies offer app development services for all these platform options, but their expertise remains in some key niche. Ask the company before hire app developer, if they have an in-house development team or they outsource the project or aspects of it.

  1. Location and Team

Enquire about the location the company operates from and if they provisions where you can hire app developer for Android or iPhone app developer to work on premise. This helps in projects that are long term in nature and you don’t want to hire any full time resource. Ask about the team size and the infrastructure set-up in the office to get a better idea of what services can be rendered. With new technologies in the IoT space and mobile platform SDKs coming, it is essential that the mobile app development company is fully equipped to address any demand you have.

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  1. Their Past Work

Enquire about the past clients and get names of past applications developed to check their work quality and success of the applications. It will give you an idea of the technologies used and the technical adeptness of the company. Also, enquire about the clients that have been serviced in the past and biggest project they have undertaken.

  1. How much does it cost to build an app : Project timeline and costs involved

Enquire about the duration of the project and get step by step details of the project detail before hire app developer to ensure that is completed within the set timeline. The total cost of the project and any packages for further support in maintenance and servicing of the application must be enquired beforehand. Get complete details on how the app will be tested to spot glitches and fix them instantly. Enquire about the special features they can provide and what will be the costs involved for additional features.

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  1. Mobile app ownership

Most development company hand over the app ownership to the client, however, you can work out a partnership arrangement with the app developer to ensure their complete involvement in the success of the app.  In such a scenario, the app development company will take over launching the app in the various app stores and its marketing too.

Only hire app developer who are passionate about their work and excited about using the technology to render a new service to end customer. This will ensure that your application is profitable and give you confidence in your venture.

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