A Clone of Uber, Airbus Fleet Convertibles

A Clone of Uber, Airbus Fleet Convertibles
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The world is in a fast moving phase, things are getting done within a snap of fingers. Automobile industry is flourishing and the demand for it is on the rise. We have known a different series of transport vehicles right from horse carts to self- driven cars. An enormous amount of revolution has happened since the time of the sages. The taxis have been replaced by the ride hailing companies.A transport, which is considered to be the fastest of all, is through the air. But, unfortunately everyone cannot afford the ride on an aircraft. The latest advancement which we have known about is “Flying cars”. As far as we know, cars drove on the roads. A car which can fly, that sounds a bit weird and feels like just out of a fairy tale, isn’t?Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) is one of the aircraft manuscripts which are designed particularly for ubiquitous choppers. The big companies are planning on implementing this design for the cars. This technology advancement seems to be really captivating, but will this work out? Traffic at the ground level keeps increasing on a day to day basis. Just imagine, if people started opting for cars which can glide in the air.


Will it not lead to air traffic?

These equipments have been designed with specifications and do not need a runway to land. That is one of the biggest advantages which we get. On the other side of this whole thing, lies a major fact. The general public, will they be able to afford this kind of transport in this ever growing economy?

A specific application has been developed by the tech gigs for this service. It works similar to that of the famous drive away service, Uber, which has soon the transportation industry. Airbus head of this sovereign air cabs and aircrafts says that they would like to be as a clone of Uber. People need to install the application from the Play store or App store. Then, the nearby cars (which can glide) will be displayed and the user can opt for the service.

There is a disadvantage to this, we need to walk or take an Uber to the location which is closest to us. The flying machine would be available to us only at the nearest terminal available for the riders. This approach, ideology was Uber’s initiative; they wanted to provide an even better service. We are yet to know about the distance which it would cover as well.

Meanwhile, each of the two companies is planning to launch it within the next 5 years. This step towards tomorrow is going to be one of the most epic ones. Uber has not left any choice to give a better experience to its customers. It keeps improvising its ways, and thinks in most provocative, creative and innovative ways.

The skies were ruled by aircrafts, aerodromes, choppers, jets but now, the cars are coming to rule it. Uber is definitely not on any plans of building this right from the scratch. Instead, they want to bring in the big business heads and the law authorities together. A part of this technology is already in the making; we need to connect the dots to make a perfect sense.

“Jetsons” design is pretty amazing and follows a completely different design. They have replaced the conventional design of the choppers and proposed a different design. It will go at a speed which is twice of the normal car’s highest speed. Time is a luxury and precious, it will help us in saving us more time than ever before.

In this generation, we see various kinds of drones getting our work done from a single place. They were used as security measures by the military base, now other things are done as well. A multi oar flying machine will make the complete ride hassle free. Industrial science has been improving and trying to provide the best life to the products.

This vehicle will be operated on vertical takeoff and landing style, with electric power. We cannot afford of losing the control of the vehicle in mid air. Multiple factors have to be considered, safety and security measures have been taken. A study is made on how to keep the battery life for longer periods of time and how it would work?

Unfortunately, they do not have a framework available to get it certified. They are in discussions with the authorities, everything seems to be fine. It is a good start for the organization and will be able to convince the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the regulations. It is completely new and innovative, which is the farthest thought in the minds of the FAA.

The aviation departments have adapted to the technological changes and were able to lay off a few wonderful aircrafts. Technology is all about the new change which we bring in every industry. We are surrounded by it and it cannot go unnoticed, it has helped us in a million ways. Our fingers are more than enough to get our work done, now days.

Sovereign aircraft of this kind must be liable and comfortable for the communities. On the other end of this whole thing of providing fleeting cars lies a competition as well. The Norwegian’s have been providing the most reliable and cost effective service to the commuters. They have the most reasonable air fares as compared to other companies.

It has not affected the US markets and was able to make a good progress. They have got the support of the European Union and are making efforts to expand in the US. It has persistently made a huge amount of revenue from its business endeavors. Norwegian has mastered the skills and sustained itself in the long run in the European market.

Though, both the companies were able to do a great business in the respective countries. The authorities of both the countries want them to abide by the regulations set by them. They are requested to give safety & security, to the consumers and the employees as well. Following the transport regulations is important and should be made mandate.

The private Airline industries are interested in investing in Uber. They know that, this company has reached the masses and are good at maintaining the rapport with their customers. It may have faced multiple allegations from the authorities of the law. But still, Uber has been able to adapt to the changes it was requested for and is progressing

These Airline companies are providing services to the travelers and periodic filers at a low cost. They have made modularized the jet spaces to make more frequent trips. JetSmarter is one of the airline service providers with private jets. They have adapted to the ride hailing service and are aimed at bringing in more crowds for raising a capital for their business.

It is well known fact that, there a group of companies who are providing services to fly. The prices fixed for the flight in private jets is much economical and comfortable. There has been a gradual and steady growth of this industry, the yield has been great. But, private jets will become days of the past in the coming years

We need to look into, this new kind of fleeting cars which is GenNxt of the world. The Carrier industry is complying with the unique changes which are put in its way. Uber is in a non-stop verge of expanding its business and improvising the ways to provide better customer experience. Will Uber be able to give a strong competition to the existing private airline service providers?

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