7 best Android apps for designers

7 best Android apps for designers
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7 best Android apps for designers

When it comes to graphic designing, most designers use desktop computer or a laptop. Up until recently that is the only choice they seemed to have. With innovation in the mobile phone and phablets in the industry, designers can now create wonderful designs on the go.

You don’t need to carry a laptop around anymore. With the help of some amazing apps you can design content on your smartphone, during your commute or with morning coffee in your bed.

Here is list of 7 best Android apps that designers can use.

Some are paid, some are free but all are magnificent. Hop on.

1. Paperless

Paperless is a simple premium photo editing app. There are six tools in total, they allow you to color, add animations, flip/rotate and some other features. You can create up to three extra layers on an image and also add effects to the non-transparent backgrounds. Once finished, you can save the picture you edited and share it on social media.

Price: $1.92

2. Sketch’em

Sketch’em is a great app for those who like to sketch and as well as those who want to learn how to sketch. There are two sections in the app; you can create sketches or you can view video tutorials on how to create them.

There are many tools at your disposal for sketching. The app allows you to share your sketches with your friends on social media. The best thing about the app is that it is completely free.

Download this app if you are a sketch artist or if you want to be one.

Price: Free

3. AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD 360 is one of the most renowned apps on this list. Just like the full version of the software AutoCAD, the app version allows you to create and edit AutoCAD drawings and objects. It is a very powerful app. The drawback is that it uses a lot of storage space and RAM. But if you are a designer, then it is worth it.

Price: Free

4. SketchBook Pro

SketchBook is another massive application that is a heaven for designers. Just like its desktop version, it is easy to use and comprehensive. There are literally hundreds of brushes and effects to select from. There are more tools than you can count.

You can create layers, unlimited amount, unlike Paperless that we mentioned earlier. You can use portrait or landscape version, and even switch between the two.

Price: $4.99-$6.75

5. ArtFlow

ArtFlow is more for fun than anything else. It is beautifully simplistic. You can create images with utmost level of ease. You can add filters, adjust colors, brightness, saturation and other effects. You can also work with layers.

You can then proceed to save the drawing you created in any format of your choosing.

Price: Free

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6. Infinite Design

Infinite Design is an app that helps you create vector graphics and import then into other applications such as Photoshop. Infinite Design has a great canvas, multi-layer system. You can also choose from various preset vectors that are common in usage.

Price: Free, but there is a premium version as well

7. Fontly

Fontly is an app for typography, in fact it is a unique resource for text designing and usage. There is no app that comes close to Fontly when it comes to typography.

You can even take pictures of graffiti from the streets and insert it in your app. Also there is a section where you can search for typographies created and inserted by other users.

Price: Free

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