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10 Legit Ways To Make Money Online

10 Legit Ways To Make Money Online
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Check out the best 10 Legit ways to make money online here…

The internet might not be the Wild West today that it was just a few a few years ago, but that isn’t all bad. For one thing, it means that there are more and more legit ways to make money online and make your way with nothing more than an internet connection.

That’s exciting! It means that you can nearly anything. You can live anywhere and do anything. To help you in your quest to see the world and live in its many corners here is a list of some of the things you can do to make money online and earn your keep.

Here’s the most comprehensive list of legit ways to make money online you’ve ever come across.


Write and sell ebooks

There’s no doubt that write and sell ebooks is a legit ways to make money online from home. If you know something that other people don’t, then why not write ebooks about it and sell them online? Amazon makes this extremely easy and if your book catches on you could make some serious passive income for months, even years to come. So go on, grab a guide and get in on the game!

Become a virtual assistant

This is also a legit way to make money online. A virtual assistant is basically the same thing as a real assistant, except that they don’t work on location. Often, in fact, they’ll work for several different clients. This means they make their own hours, work for as many people as they want to and can make extra money if they’re good! All the big networks have these kinds of positions available, so go check them out.

Build a blog

Okay, this is a long-term project but legit way to make money online. Don’t assume that you’ll start make money fast from day one. Still, down the road, it can become incredibly profitable. What’s more, whatever another way you choose to earn money online on here, the blog will help you market yourself. That means it can help you make money online in other ways. Not bad, right?

Write for an essay service

Sure, the students that buy the essays are probably doing something that school frowns upon, but that’s not your problem. For you, writing essays about school topics and then getting paid for them by one of these sites is perfectly legal and legit ways to make money online.

Work on mechanical Turk

Okay, it doesn’t make you a lot of extra money, but working on mechanical Turk does mean you’re making money right from the get go. That can get you through the rough times, while you’re setting up the other projects you’re looking at. Even better, some of the stuff you get to do on there can be quite interesting, like psychological experiments and so on. Try it, It is a legit ways to make money online from home.

Become a travelancer

Become a Traveling Freelancer is also a legit ways to make money online. A travelancer, or a traveling freelancer, is somebody who travels the world and works wherever they find themselves. You can do this with any type of freelance work, really – though writing might lend itself best, as it doesn’t require that much bandwidth, which is often in short supply in cheaper countries.

Rent out your home on AirBnB

Hey, since you’re planning to vagabond around the world anyway, why not rent out your space on AirBnB while you’re gone? Set up something with a neighbor. Pay them a little bit for their trouble (like giving the key and answering questions) and for once your space is earning you money instead of costing it!

Become a virtual tutor

Know a topic really well or know many topics decently well and have a flair for teaching? Then why not tutor? You can do so now via email, Skype and any other combination of things. And you can teach anything. That really is a legit ways to make money online while you’re sipping Mai Thais on a beach somewhere.

Test websites

Website builders need people to take their websites through their paces. Could you do that? Of course, you could! And you can get paid pretty decently for it to. Enough in a few hours to live easily in most climes for a few days. So yeah, that’s definitely another legit ways to make money online if you can get in on it. And you won’t that until you try.

Play Poker online

Yeah, it might be illegal in the US, but in most other countries it isn’t at all. And if you’re willing to grind it out and get really good at it, you can earn extra money. As in, millions of dollars if you know what you’re doing. So go buy a poker book and become a poker shark!

Last words

And that’s really only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many different legit ways to make money online now. Here is the more legit ways to make money online – You could start an e-commerce website, you could make lesson plans, you could redeem vouchers, you can have apps on your phone while you shop. All these things will give you extra money – sometimes only a few bucks, sometimes serious fortunes.
All you’ve got to do is take the plunge. Go out there, find out what’s possible and then try it out. If it isn’t for you, then move on. You see, almost none of these places have any kind of contract! If you work, you get paid, if you don’t, they’ll find somebody else.
That’s the world of freelancing. You can see it as a curse or you can see it as a blessing. I know how I see it.

Author΄s bio: Diana Beyer is experienced, self-driven specialist and content editor at TopWritingReviews who is passionate about writing. She is always seeking to discover new ways for personal and professional growth.

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