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How to Make Google your Homepage – Step by Step Guide

How to Make Google your Homepage – Step by Step Guide
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How to Make Google your Homepage


If you want to make Google your Homepage then some important steps are required to performed by you. So follow the provided steps and do the same.


Google is the most accessed search engine which has been used in the whole world by the internet users. This Google search engine is launched by the Google giant company itself where you can find the solution of almost all your queries except some.


The below given steps are meant to make google your homepage in the Google chrome. One can make this kind of changes and settings on any other free web browser whether it is Mozilla Firefox or Internet explorer.

For make Google your homepage you all need to do is just follow the below given procedure very carefully:


Step 1: Turn on your computer system.

Step 2: Then launch any of your web browser, like if we talk about the ‘Google chrome’ web browser.

Step 3: So, there it will show the home page as, which site you have accessed the most and visited it on the regular basis.

Step 4: And if you wants to make google your homepage then you may look this.

Step 5: On the google chrome, web browser go to the settings options which is present in the top right corner of the page.

Step 6: There you need to select the, settings menu items by following the on startup section. See in below picture.

Step 7: Now you can customize your browser and make google your homepage.

Step 8: There on option provided “Appearance”,

Under “Appearance” check “Show Home Button”

Below “Show Home Button” click on “Change” 

Enter the URL of the site which you want to set the home of the browser.

Step 9: Enter the google site url as the www.google.com to make google your homepage. Then move to next step.

Step 10: When finally entered the url press on the ok button.

Now as following these common steps you will be able to make google your homepage or any other desired site as your browser home page.

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