5 Common Computer Network Problem with their Fixes

5 Common Computer Network Problem with their Fixes
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5 common computer networks problem along with their tried and tested solutions.

From the commercial sector to the residential sector, everyone is completely dependent upon the advanced computer networks. It has become an integral part of our lives. With the help of these networks, an organization can share information either in a text file, image file, or any multimedia file on the fly.


Although it is an excellent technology, it comes with some major issues that can make your life hell. As a user, you may face some serious computer network problems that can take everything to halt. But you don’t need to worry because I bring you the list of 5 common computer networks problems along with their tried and tested solutions.


  1. IP and NIC Issue


This problem occurs when two computers are connected with the same IP address mistakenly. The IP issue can create connection error with the computer of parent network. On the other side, NIC is considered as an essential element that can set up a temporary connection of your computer to computer network. Well, you can solve this problem with ease.


First you need to find out the concerned computers and assign them unique IP addresses. If you want to solve NIC (Network Interface Card) issue, then you need to ping the computer and tweak its wrong settings.


  1. No Network Access


You must have seen the “No Network Access” or “service not available for your computer with a web server error code HTTP 504” message on the screen of PC.



To overcome this situation, you need to ensure whether all the devices are connected properly to the computer networks or not. If not, then you need to reset all the connection.


If you are using Wi-Fi Internet connection, you can configure the connection via radio waves. However, there are some prone areas also known as Cold Spots where your Internet connection won’t be able to reach. To get rid of this problem, check the settings of your Wi-Fi router and re-plan the entire network.


  1. No Network Access because of Firewall Restriction

Sometimes, users create such security restriction that won’t let your PC connect to the computer network services. In other words, firewall restrictions stop your computer to share documents, such as text, images, and videos from/over the computer networks.



This problem can be solved with ease. All you need to do is to change your PC firewall settings and enable your computer to get access to the network services.


  1. Network connection failure on a regular basis

Sometimes, a computer system gets linked to weird connection due to some faulty connection, which can cause regular drops of network connection.



To solve this problem, you need to first cross-check the network cables to make sure whether there is any cut or not.

If its wireless Internet connection, you need to examine the cold spot and router’s faulty settings and hence correct them. However, it is quite difficult to solve this problem in wireless connection, but you need to keep yourself calm.


  1. Slow speed while accessing the network resources

This is one of the most common issues faced by PC users. The declination is speed occurs due to improper network planning that can also slow down the data transmission process.



You need to re-plan the network from the beginning and allocate the resources as per your needs. I would suggest you to compress/zip all heavy files to reduce the burden on the network. Also, make sure whether your network card is configured in transmit mode or nor. If not, then replace it with a new one, which is compatible with your computer system.



These are some common issues related to the computer networks, along with their solutions. Now you can eliminate the network access issues related to your PC in no time.


Andrew associated with Syscon-Inc, a leading professional computer network support company. He is a passionate writer and has actively writing useful blogs and articles about technical stuffs.

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