Whatsapp New features Unplugged
In this post, we are discussing about whatsapp new features. WhatsApp is nothing but the social messaging service or app for mobile phones that permits you to send out messages, images, video and audio clips to communicate with those people who are in your phone’s contact list. Not to mention all these amazing features are
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7 best Android apps for designers
7 best Android apps for designers When it comes to graphic designing, most designers use desktop computer or a laptop. Up until recently that is the only choice they seemed to have. With innovation in the mobile phone and phablets in the industry, designers can now create wonderful designs on the go. You don’t need
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Top Wi-Fi Hotspots in India
Top Wi-Fi Hotspots in india. India is the world’s second largest Internet user after China. From work to online shopping and socializing, the Internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. This necessity has revolutionized the country and increased the demand for wireless networks and subsequently for portable Wi-Fi devices and 4G-compatible smart phones
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Samsung Galaxy S8 : Things one should know about
The new Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched in March’2017. Though Samsung Galaxy S7 was extremely elegant and packed with dynamic features, there was more scope for innovation and creativity. Hence, Samsung is planning to launch Samsung Galaxy S8 with more innovative features for its users. This device has lot of exciting features. For instance, Samsung Galaxy
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